AcousTEC 3 Underlay Acoustic Test on 12mm Laminate Timber

ECCR AcousTEC 3 is used widely as underlay for luxury hard wood, vinyl flooring etc similar like AcousTEC 5. Also suitable for screed acoustic solution. AcouTEC 3 is economic, lighter, easy to lay which makes it a better choice for all kind of hard wood flooring. It’s hard & durable quality can last over few decades below flooring. It perform excellent acoustic properties & also absorb shock & vibration.

The acoustic test was done on 150mm thick bare floor. The floor was clean from any dirt & foreign materials & underlay was laid directly on the concrete covering 3 meter dimension room. 12mm Laminate plunk was laid over the AcousTEC 3 underlay locked together as like floor. The test was done as per Australian/New Zealand building standard. The test result perform well as per standard requirement & may use below different types of hard wood flooring & screed.