EPDM Granule & PU Glue for playground flooring to Vietnam

It was a great pleasure to supply EPDM granule and PU glue for Vietnam project. Total area was about 1000 square meter and we did supply couple of EPDM color granule in bright yellow, leafy green, royale purple along with technical SBR rubber to mix with EPDM for mix shade.

All colors were mixed as per architect requirement and prepared sample swatch for EPDM top layer.

3 basic color combination was done with EPDM granule in leafy green + black SBR, Royale purple + yellow + black SBR, Bright yellow + black SBR. All EPDM wet pour sample was done in 10mm EPDM thickness for color approval before exporting out.

We have this service available to our customer to prepare wet pour sample swatch layer to visualize the colour combination. Naturally the colour tone and brightness change a bit compare to EPDM that you see in granule form. So, it is a good idea to do sampling with EPDM and PU binder to confirm the visual look of the floor.

The installation was done using local Vietnamese installer and the project was directly done by the developer using PrimoFlex EPDM granule and polyurethane binder.

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