Durafort Carpet underlay is now available in stitch paper backing

We have improved on our regular ECCR durafort product, we glad to announce that the new backing in stitch paper is ready for production and samples are available on request.

We were producing durafort underlay with stitch non-woven backing and due to demand in the market, we have introduced stitch paper backing.

The stitched paper is stronger, high quality and its crepe surface is excellent for carpet installation which provides a strong grip between carpets and underlay.

It’s suitable for stretch fit or double stick/glued carpet installation.

Available in 5mm, 6.5mm, 9mm thickness for carpet. Also, stitch paper backing can be customized with any other thickness requirement for special projects.

The stitch nonwoven backing will still be available based on requirements and regularly available with low-end LITE series products in 6mm, 8mm etc.

You can find more about carpet underlay products in durafort product menu.

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