Sports Flooring

Prime Sports Flooring materials

PrimeSports offers a wide range of sports flooring surfaces for schools as well as sporting facilities in most parts of the world. Some of the sports flooring we provide includesrunning track materials, jogging track, rubber track surfaces as well as foam mats for judo, karate, tatami etc.

Types of sports flooring materials by application

At PrimeSports, we make different types of durable sporting floorings available to our clients depending on their needs and budget. Some of the sports flooring and running track surfaces includes,

1. Running Track

Most usual running track EPDM colours are red & blue which we maintain quantity in stock for faster delivery. Offered in 1-4mm granule size which is most popular, we also produce in 1-3mm thickness or any different granule size needed for this purpose.

Prime Sports creates excellent quality running track EPDM granules. Our EPDM granulated running track systems appropriate for both competitors along with for leisure and also training functions. Our EPDM as well as PU based active ingredients (guides, adhesives, sealants) are dispersed worldwide.

These EPDM granules use for different running track system, among them most popular sandwich system.

2. Jogging-Cycling Track

We have 21 EPDM colour for jogging&cycling track to pick from. Readily available in 1-4mm granule size. Various another granule dimension like 1-3mm or similar granule size can be done in short period time.

Also, polyurethane glue is supplied in 20kg & 22kg drum for this seamless flooring application.

These types of jogging/cycling track are mostly done by wet pour EPDM granule installation. A poured-in-place track surface area done with a single or multi-layered seamless flooring application. The base layers contain two-component polyurethane and recycled SBR rubber granule. The top layer is done use also two-component i.e. polyurethane with EPDM granules. If it’s only single layer then it’s done by polyurethane mix with EPDM granules

This surface area is comprised of rubber granules that are blended in with a binder over a concrete surface. The rubber is available in a variety of colours as well as could have line markings spray repainted for each various sports occasion. Mostly popular for high schools, universities, neighbourhood park as well as clubs can use this wet pour jogging/cycling track installation system.

3. Foam Floor coverings

EVA floor coverings in various density & colour are an additional collection of item deal by Prime Sports. These foam floor coverings appropriate for health and fitness, aerobics, yoga exercise centres, interior youngsters play locations, childcare centre, judo, martial arts, taekwondo, kick boxing, fighting styles, KungFu, dojang, gyms and so on.

Offered in various dimensions in 600x600mm, 1 x 1 meters etc in interlocking type. Density offered in 10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm. Readily available colour in Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow etc.

Foam Floor covering benefits:

  • Relatively easy to fix on both website, strong colour.
  • Helpful for workout & competitors uses.
  • Easy to mount & remove.
  • Water-proof, anti-slip, simple cleansing,
  • Ideal for any type of location where safety is important.

Why should you use Prime Sports products?

When involves sporting activities floor covering, high quality of the flooring & security is major worry. We have established various rubber items along with foam floor covering items for different kind of sporting activities tasks like running track, jogging, cycling track, Judo, Martial arts Floor covering and so on. We provide limited items in sports flooring however we are making certain of top quality in the product.

The EPDM granule we provide are premium quality & particularly create for running, jogging tracks. All the Foam floor coverings are of high thickness & ideal for sporting activities floor covering surface areas with longer life expectancy. The reason is that our exclusive formulas coupled with the fact that our raw materials are of top quality lead to the manufacturing of the most performance enhanced running tracks available. Also, our products are eco-friendly, implying that they do not pose a hazard to the environment.

Primelay Smart Flooring Customer Relation

Primelay has a highly skilled and professional team that are often willing to make sure that their clients are totally satisfied. For this reason, our staff engages in different flooring training programs just to ensure that they satisfy the needs of their ever-growing clientele. Above all, we are always ready to adjust our working style to suit the needs of clients. As a matter of fact, we are very receptive and are ever ready to welcome innovative ideas if they lead to the development of a better floor.

Where we operate- Market we cover

Located in the heart of Malaysia, we are distributing & exporting our products locally & worldwide. We are available in west & east Malaysia & in overseas our products are currently available in countries and regions such as the Middle East, Australasia, etc. Primelay Smart Flooring (PSF) products are equally being supplied to Europe and South-East Asia regularly depending on the requirements of various projects.

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