Safety Rubber Paver

Rubber paver: for a better & safer outdoor flooring

It’s important to have safety in outdoor flooring & Rubber pavers give you slip resistant, comfortable flooring which also last long. Rubber pavers are the new replacement to the hard-concrete paving surface which normally use in most of the paving in town. Rubber pavers are comparatively new choice in safety flooring which can be used for several outdoor flooring applications where safety & comfort is required. Application includes for walkway or footpath, stable flooring, animal farm, patio etc.

Made from 100% recycled rubber, Prime Paver has various paving design in various colour. These tiles can be set up in addition to any kind of existing hard surface such as wood, concrete and outdoor patio tiles.

Prime Paver safety rubber paving product ranges

Prime Paver produce wide range of rubber paving products. Available in different pigmented or mix EPDM colour these paving tiles can be customize in different thickness.

Available design pattern - Rectangle or brick paver, H shape paver, 6 H shape Paver, Dog Bone or Double T shape paver, Hexagonal Paver, 40-I shape paver etc.

Thickness - 25mm to 45mm

Sizes - Different paver product has different sizes. More details available at prime paver product menu.

Why opt for our safety rubber pavers?

At Prime Paver, we provide or supply some of the safest and top-quality material for rubber pavers. Thus, our rubber pavers have the following characteristics;

  • Our rubber pavers are durable in the sense that they are long lasting and rarely crack or chip like other flooring materials. Similarly, they are not affected by seasonal changes in the form of water, ice, snow, extreme temperatures, etc
  • Provide excellent anti slip support & cushioning on the floor which makes these tiles safe & comfortable for walkway compare to conventional hard paving floor.
  • They are versatile, implying that they can be installed on top of any existing floor, be it concrete, wood, decks, etc
  • Rubber pavers are equally soundproof with relatively soft, low-impact surface which equally gives comfortability
  • Unlike other types of pavers, rubber pavers are relatively cheaper and so is their maintenance cost.
  • Rubber pavers are lighter compare to stone or concrete pavers, making it light enough to carry by hand but heavy enough to stay put in place.
  • They are easy to install and easy to clean as well compared to other materials used in making pavers
  • Rubber pavers are environmentally friendly. The reason is that they are produced usingrecycled rubbers. In other words, the rubber used in making rubber pavers are obtained from unused tires together with a binding agent called polyurethane. Thus, instead of throwing out millions of tires every year, the production of recycled rubber for making rubber pavers helps in saving the environment as well as preserving our natural resources.

Our Commitment

Our priority at Prime Paver is to ensure that our clients are totally with the quality of our products. Thus, we are dedicated to producing some of the best quality rubber pavers for our clients. We pay so much attention to details for the safety and security of our clients.

Where we operate

Our products are currently available in countries and regions such as the Middle East, Malaysia, and Australasia, etc. However, Prime Pavers products are equally being supplied to Europe and South East Asia regularly depending on the requirements of various projects

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