Gym Flooring

Rubber Gym Flooring: A common requirement in a gym facility.

The quality, durability, as well as the performances of gym facilities, greatly depends on how well the gym flooring and equipment were designed and installed. The importance of a safe gym flooring in the prevention of injuries cannot be overemphasized.

PrimeFit offers a range of quality gym flooring that is perfect for any gym whether it’s a commercial or residential gym flooring. Our premium gym flooring also includes commercial gym rubber tiles that can resist heavy duty workout equipment like treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, stair steppers, free weights as well as weight benches. These heavy-duty gym mats also provide a non-slip surface that helps in keeping fitness equipment from sliding across the floor while people are exercising. At PrimeFit, we design the safe gym flooring that is essential for a high performing gym facility.

Many people injure themselves at the gym for reasons such as uneven carpet or slippery floor. Of course, gym users such as cross-trainers and weightlifters often require top-of-the-line equipment to stand up to the rigors of their explosive daily training. Therefore, proprietors of commercial gyms should want the best of every facility, including safe and top quality flooring for their members.

PrimeFit gym flooring product options

  • We offer product ranges from 10mm thickness to 50mm depends on customer requirements.
  • Available in various sizes – 500x500mm, 1 x 1 meter, 3x3feet or in roll form.
  • Thickness - 10 to 50mm for tiles & 3 to 12mm for roll mat.
  • Commonly use in black colour or with EPDM flake.
  • Colour – Pigmented ( Red, Green, Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Light grey etc), EPDM – 19 to 20 different available bright colour for sparkle/flake effect on tiles with different percentage %.
  • Shapes – Available in square shape & interlocking type. In square tile we offer 500x500mm & 1 x 1 meters & in interlocking we offer 500x500mm, 1x1meters & 3x3feet etc.

Our products & developments in gym rubber flooring

PrimeFit has an extensive product line which includes square rubber tiles, rolled rubber sheet/tile rubber as well as interlocking rubber floor tiles for gym flooring. These products which include gym mat residential, weight lifting mats, interlocking mats, heavy duty gym mats, etc., however, vary in thickness from 10-50mm depending on the customer’s requirements. Similarly, these flooring materials are available in different sizes, notably, 500x500mm, 1 x 1 meters. Our gym rubber flooring can also be made available in up to 19-20 EPDM colours & pigmented colours such as red, green, dark blue, dark grey, light grey EPDM, black, etc. As a matter of fact, our clients can be sure to find the perfect rubberized gym flooring that suits their taste.

Why Choose Prime Fit Gym flooring products?

The rubber gym floor products of PrimeFit provides the ideal surfaces for both residential and commercial workout areas. The main benefit of rubber flooringprevents injuries & reduce vibration during workouts. To put simply, rubber gym flooring creates a safe and pleasant environment inside the fitness facility. However, providing excellent slip traction, rubber floors does not only result to an even soft surface, as the floor covering equally prevents heavy gym equipment from sliding out of place. Rubber, therefore, has some qualities that make it the ideal material for gym flooring. They include;

  • Rubber is a highly versatile and sustainable product that can be altered into different colors.
  • Rubber floor mats are also great at dampening sound while absorbing shock.
  • Rubber is anti-slip in nature; hence rubber mats prevent slippage during intense activity
  • Rubber gym flooring protects the floor and reduces aerobic impact and noise as well as eliminates vibration.

Primelay Smart Flooring Customer Relation

Primelay has a highly skilled and professional team that are often willing to make sure that their clients are totally satisfied. For this reason, our staff engages in different flooring training programs just to ensure that they satisfy the needs of their ever-growing clientele. Above all, we are always ready to adjust our working style to suit the needs of clients. As a matter of fact, we are very receptive and are ever ready to welcome innovative ideas if they lead to the development of a better floor.

Where we operate- Market we cover

PrimeFit products are available worldwide. Most popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, UK, Dubai & other middle east & Asian countries.

Our Commitment on Prime Fit Products

At primeFit, we are highly committed to producing top quality and safe gym floorings for our ever-growing range of clients. We understand that it is important for gyms to be safe our staff updated about various aspects of flooring like safety features, and the latest modern techniques in quality gym flooring. Besides, we have a specialized team to monitor quality, R&D as well as new products.

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