Farm/Stable Flooring

Primelay offers a variety of farm floorings some of which include barn flooring, stall flooring stable corridor, walkway etc. We understand that the availability of different kinds of farm floorings these days has made shopping the best values as well as products confusing.

It explains why we are available to ensure that our clients find the right product at the right place. Some of the farm flooring solutions we offer however include mats for riding arenas, rubber mats for horse walkers, stable walkways, wash areas as well as horse trailers.

Why is top quality farm flooring important?

Primelay offers top quality farm flooring solutions to guarantee safety while simultaneously minimizing the risks of injury while at the farm, gardens, as well as around the landscapes. Therefore, with our farm flooring solutions, we guarantee our clients total safety while they are performing various tasks in their farms and gardens.

Our products

i) Rubber pavers

At Primelay, we make available verities of rubber pavers which often come in different colours as well as thickness.Prime Paver interlocking paver tiles have a dog-bone shape, H shape and rectangle or brick shape paver are available in a variety of thicknesses and colors.

Prime Pavers are made of SBR recycled rubber and a non-toxic polyurethane binder. Therefore, they are quite environmentally friendly. The interlocking pavers are commonly installed in areas such as the barn aisles, stall floors, tack-up areas, driveways and even walking paths.

Benefits of our rubber pavers.

  • They are beautiful and non-slippery and can, therefore, guarantee safety to the farm users, especially horses’ footing.
  • They have been carefully designed to suit various surfaces such as dirt, concrete, as well as asphalt.
  • More so, interlocking pavers can be easily cleaned thereby ensuring that the environment is natural, but elegant. This, therefore, explains why they are used in wash areas, garden paths, entrances, and driveways, etc.

ii) All-purpose rubber mat

The versatile rubber flooring in square share are easy to install & can be use in different colour, pattern etc to have a beautiful looking stable flooring.

These square tiles are available in different thickness from 20mm to 45mm & size in 500x500mm & 1 x 1 metres.

This form of flooring often has a fresh finish which provides a soft non-skid surface with bedding on top.

Benefits of the versatile rubber stall flooring

  • First is of all, it is quite modern, colourful & can create patterns as compared to other old style black rubber mats. Hence, it is more attractive and appealing.
  • This type of rubber flooring easy to clean & doesn’t trap urine when a polyurethane coating is done to seal the holes at the top of these tiles. This helps to make the tiles non-pours, easy cleaning & doesn’t trap dust. The Pu coating is done at the site for perfect finish.

Contact us for suggestion on this stable flooring option.

iii) Seamless rubber stall flooring

This seamless flooring is modern, easy to do, hygienic & permanent flooring option.

We supply the rubber granule, Polyurethane glue etc for wet pour installation at site for stable flooring.

Our seamless rubber flooring at Primelay consists of long lasting as well as a user-friendly coating that offers excellent slip and fall protection while at the same time protecting the overall surface from damage.

Benefits of the seamless rubber flooring

  • It is easily repairable since it can be bonded to various substances such as wood, metal, concrete and even itself.
  • It is relatively cheaper, hence an excellent choice for low maintenance stall floors as well as vet hospitals and clinics.

Contact us for suggestion on this stable flooring option.

Features & Benefits of Primelay rubber flooring

  • Simple to install and attractive product colour, ranges.
  • 100% recycle SBR Rubber Paver
  • Cushions Horse’s Hooves & brings comfort.
  • Dog Bone, brick or rectangle & H Shape to choose.
  • High density tiles & last more than decades.
  • Hygienic & suitable to use indoor or outdoor.
  • Anti-Slip in nature.
  • Anti-Fatigue & anti shock properties.
  • Durable and resilient construction
  • Simple to install.
  • Doesn’t crack or bend over time.
  • Combine with multiple pavers to create an infinite array of shapes
  • Easily Cleaned when needed.


Primelay rubber products has many applications in barn & farm flooring. These includes

  • Equine & Bovine Facility Flooring
  • Horse Stall Mat Replacements
  • Stable corridor & outdoor flooring
  • Veterinary & Animal Recovery Flooring
  • Poured Rubber Barn & Horse Stall Flooring
  • Cushioned Horse Trailer Flooring & Wall Pads
  • Farm flooring

Why use our farm flooring products?

You can always count on Primelay for the best quality flooring products. First of all our products are durable, high quality, nontoxic. Our products are also easy to clean and maintain, and they are even more amazing since they can be combined with multiple pavers to create an infinite array of shape.

Above all, we have an excellent customer service who are always there to help our clients to make the best purchases at the most affordable prices.

Primelay Smart Flooring Customer Relation

Primelay has a highly skilled and professional team that are often willing to make sure that their clients are totally satisfied. For this reason, our staff engages in different flooring training programs just to ensure that they satisfy the needs of their ever-growing clientele. Above all, we are always ready to adjust our working style to suit the needs of clients. As a matter of fact, we are very receptive and are ever ready to welcome innovative ideas if they lead to the development of a better floor.


Located in the heart of Malaysia, we are distributing & exporting our products locally & worldwide. We are available in west & east Malaysia & in overseas our products are currently available in countries and regions such as the Middle East, Australasia, etc. Primelay Smart Flooring (PSF) products are equally being supplied to Europe and South-East Asia regularly depending on the requirements of various projects.

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