Children Playground Flooring

The need for playground safety surfaces on all outdoor playgrounds

Children always get hurt especially on the playgrounds where they are most active & excited. When creating a playground surface for children, careful consideration needs to be made on the quality of safety strategies, notably on flooring.

In other words, flooring constitutes an important part of the safety in a children’s playground. The reason is that during interacting and having fun in playgrounds, accidents are sometimes inevitable.

Thus, most parents consider the safety standards of various playgrounds before sending their kids to any. With that said, one of the most key features to consider in a playground is the playground flooring materials. The playground flooring material ought to be one that guarantees the safety as well as the security of kids while they are playing.

Most parents are now worry aware about playground safety & standard. The most important safety features of a playground to have appropriate playground flooring.

Flooring plays a key role for safety in playgrounds.

At Primelay smart flooring we provide recycled rubber playground tile with soft surfaces. Under the brand Prime Play(, we provide some of the best playground materials that minimizes the effects of accidents which would have resulted in gruesome injuries. For instance, our recycled rubber playground tile surfaces are an excellent choice for children’s playground. This surface guarantees maximum comfort to the kids since it is soft. Also, we garnish the surface with tiles of different thickness and backing depending on the drop height.

Rubbers are always excellent choice for playground & we provide tiles with different thickness & backing profile for different drop height. It is worth mentioning here that the drop height determines the height at which a child could fall and not sustain any injury.This is very important as children always play with excitement making them get hurt all the time. So, a rubber floor with soft backing profile with different thickness &either with Pigmented colour or with EPDM colourful flooring gives them a better safety surface.

Aside from ensuring that the playground flooring material is safe for the kids, we also make sure that they are attractive and pleasant to their eyes. We have both the solution & also we suggest a best & safest playground.

Prime Play safety rubber playground flooringproduct ranges

We offer product ranges from 20mm to 125mm thickness depends on customer requirements.

Available in different sizes – 500x500mm, 1 x 1 meters.

Colour – Pigmented ( Red, Green, Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Light grey etc), EPDM – 19 to 20 different available bright colours.

Pattern Rubber Tiles– Available in various colourful pattern design for beautiful vibrant colour & design in between solid colour tiles bring life to the playgrounds.

EPDM Rubber granule – 1-4mm EPDM rubber granule For wet pour in place seamless playground flooring installation.

Our products & developments in safety rubber flooring

We provide a range of products for safety rubber flooring at playgrounds whether it’s an indoor or outdoor play area flooring. For instance, our flooring products range in thickness from 25mm to 125mm, depending on the unique requirements of each client. However, most of our clients prefer playground flooring materials which are 45mm to 75mm with a soft backing profile. These materials are known to give very high fall heights which are convenient for the kids. Similarly, these flooring materials are available in different sizes, notably, 500x500mm, 1 x 1 meters etc.

The colour of the playground flooring material is equally very instrumental. Thus, our tiles for flooring are often available in different pigmented colours such as red, green, dark blue, dark grey, light grey, EPDM colours, etc. As a matter of fact, our clients have up to 19 to 20 different bright EPDM colours to choose from.

More so, our tiles are available in various patterns. We mainly make wonderful use of bright sparkle flake as well as durable tiles to give a nice looking and vibrant playground flooring.

Primelay Smart Flooring Customer Relation

Primelay has a highly skilled and professional team that are often willing to make sure that their clients are totally satisfied. For this reason, our staff engages in different flooring training programs just to ensure that they satisfy the needs of their ever-growing clientele. Above all, we are always ready to adjust our working style to suit the needs of clients. As a matter of fact, we are very receptive and are ever ready to welcome innovative ideas if they lead to the development of a better floor.

Our Commitment

At Primelay, we are always committed on producing high quality & safest playground products. we are producing top quality as well as the safest playground floorings anyone could ever imagine. We understand the necessity of children playing in very safe and secured vicinities, and this explains why we are members of IPEMA, US. Our membership with IPEMA is an opportunity for us to keep our staff updated about various aspects of flooring such as safety features, as well as the latest modern techniques to achieving better quality flooring.

Where we operate- Market we cover

Located in the heart of Malaysia, we are distributing & exporting our products locally & worldwide. We are available in west & east Malaysia & in overseas our products are currently available in countries and regions such as the Middle East, Australasia, etc. Primelay Smart Flooring (PSF) products are equally being supplied to Europe and South-East Asia regularly depending on the requirements of various projects.

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