Carpet Underlay

Carpet underlay: An essential requirement for carpet flooring

Underlay is not only an option but it's an important part that forms exactly how floor covering really feels and looks. As a leading underlay supplier in Malaysia, we make it our business to understand how an underlay play important role for a carpet floor covering. A widely important part of most flooring purchases is the carpet underlay padding.

However, many people often ignore the necessity of a good quality carpet underlays for a better carpet flooring. It is, therefore, worthy to note that for a good flooring carpet to last for long, it needs some of the best quality carpet underlays.

Even though the underlay is never visible once it has been installed, it has numerous benefits. For instance, it can improve the texture of the carpet underfoot, insulate the floor from noise, protect humans against cold bare flooring and even increase the lifespan of the carpet floor covering at about 20% to 50%.

Therefore, as a renowned supplier of underlay, Durafort-Carpet underlay has made it a duty to guide and inform its clients about some of the best and highly recommend flooring accessories.

Durafort Carpet Underlay Products

Primelay Smart Flooring offer high quality crumb rubber underlay for carpets. Produce from high quality recycle tyre rubber & latex these are excellent choice for all kind of carpet installation.

  • Available Thickness - Primelay ECCR Durafort underlay are available in different thickness & backing option.
  • ECCR Durafort 3 - 3 to 3.5mm thick with Aluminum foil backing underlay specially for laminate flooring installation.
  • ECCR Durafort 5 - 5mm thick underlay with stitch paper backing. Most suitable for corridor, staircase & heavy traffic installation where cushion is not important but durability & heavy traffic on carpet surface.
  • ECCR Durafort 6.5 - 6.5mm thick carpet underlay with stitch paper backing option. Mostly suitable for rooms, living room etc.
  • ECCR Durafort 9 - 9mm thick crumb rubber underlay with stitch paper backing. Mostly suitable for carpets with luxurious comfort requirement.
  • ECCR Durafort Lite 5 - 5mm thick underlay with stitch non-woven backing. Slightly lower quality than Durafort 5 & commonly can use similar application in heavy & medium traffic carpet areas.
  • ECCR Durafort Lite 6 - 6mm thick carpet underlay with stitch non-woven backing which is lower version of Durafort 6.5. Mostly suitable for rooms, living room etc.
  • ECCR Durafort Lite 8 - 8mm thick crumb rubber carpet underlay with stitch non-woven backing option. Similarly, slightly lower quality than Durafort 9. Mostly suitable for rooms, living room with higher degree of foot comfort.

Why should you purchase our Durafort carpet underlays?

As a matter of fact, Durafort underpad for carpet has many benefits, some of which are listed below;

  • Manufactured from high quality recycle tyre materials & fully recyclable which makes it a perfect choice for modern green building requirements.
  • A great quality carpet underlay acts as a shock absorber, protecting carpet flooring from the activities or traffic.
  • An excellent crumb rubber carpet underlay equally adds a cushion depth underneath carpet flooring & prolong carpet life.
  • It helps in soundproofing and even acts as a barrier against noise.
  • Above all, a good underlay acts as an insulator that could subsequently result in saving money on energy bills by a significant amount.

Our Commitment

At Primelay, we are ever committed to producing some of the best quality flooring underlays for our clients. We pay so much attention to the detail of the products which are environment friendly as well. All the product we develop here eco-friendly& green products. Starting from manufacturing to product we make sure not any significant pollution is created during the process. We are constantly working for a best possible underlay product to end user.

Primelay Smart Flooring Customer Relation

Primelay has an extremely knowledgeable and expert team that are usually willing to see to it that their clients are totally satisfied. Consequently, our staff participates in various floor covering training programs simply to make certain that they satisfy the demands of their ever-growing clientele. Most importantly, we are constantly all set to readjust our working style to suit the demands of clients. As a matter of fact, we are extremely receptive as well as are ever ready to welcome innovative suggestions if they result in the advancement of a better floor.


Our products are currently available in countries and regions such as the Middle East, Malaysia, and Australasia, etc. However, Durafort carpet underlay products are equally being supplied to Europe and South-East Asia regularly depending on the requirements of various projects.

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