Acoustic Underlay solution

Acoustic underlay has become one of the most important requirement for any floor, wall, ceiling, roofacoustic requirements. it’s must for a high rise on concrete acoustic as well as for floor.

What we offer

At Primelay, we offer a range of high quality acoustic underlay which can be specifically designed to suit the needs of our clients.

The acoustic underlay is recommended for use with most timber floating floors where superior acoustic, moisture and thermal protection are required. For instance, the acoustic underlay is used beneath timber floor finishes such as laminate, engineered as well as solid wood.

More so, some of the underlay solutions we provide include acoustic underlay for wooden floors, vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles, carpet tiles, sports flooring underlays, shock pad for soccer ground, as well as wall panel acoustic installation, etc

Our product ranges

Acoustic underlay is available in many different ranges based on the acoustic level requirement. In other words, acoustic underlays can be available in custom made requirements of different density, thickness, and kind of granule.

For instance, the basic acoustic underlay ranges from 2mm to 8mm in about 900kg/m3 density.

Material composition – Recycle SBR Rubber granule mix with MDI base polyurethane binder.

  • Roll length – 3 to 10 meters
  • Roll width – 1 to 1.25 meters

Also available in sheet form for 4mm & above in 1000mmx1000mm or 500mmx1000mm

Acoustic underlay is available in custom made requirement in different density, thickness with different kind of granule.

The importance of quality acoustic underlays

The acoustic underlay has become one of the most important requirements for modern buildings since it can be installed on any floor, wall or ceiling, etc. It is worth noting that the current trend of replacing carpet and underlay with laminate, engineered or solid wood in flats and apartments cause major problems for downstairs neighbours and many leases prohibit the installation of such floor finishes without taking acoustic insulation into account. Therefore, the acoustic underlay is installed to solve the problem of sound insulation especially for the neighbours downstairs.

Features or benefits of our acoustic solutions

  • Our acoustic underlays are eco-friendly. The reason is that they are made from 100 percent recycled materials.
  • These acoustic underlays are durable; hence they offer long term performance without collapse or bottoming out.
  • They are quick and easy to install. The reason is the fact that they are available in modular tiles.
  • They give underfoot comfort. The reason is that they are often installed between the hard surface of the ground and the floor. Thus, the acoustic underlay is an ideal solution for almost all kinds of flooring, including wall to wall carpet.
  • They are suitable for use with underfloor heating.
  • The acoustic underlay protects expansion joints and is equally PVC free.
  • The acoustic underlay is a dust insulator that prevents dust lines since it acts as a barrier. As a matter of fact, it minimizes the accumulation of dust particles carried by air
  • Above all, the acoustic flooring underlay provides superior thermal protection by keeping the cold out from the hard surface of the ground while providing an additional layer of insulation.

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Customer relations

Our customer service staff is composed of a highly skilled and professional team that is often willing to ensure that their clients are totally satisfied. Our staff, therefore, engages in various flooring training programs in a bid to satisfy the needs of our ever growing clients. Our staff is equally very receptive to innovative ideas geared towards the development of a better floor for our clients.

Our commitment

Primelay is committed to producing top quality and safe acoustic underlays. We have tested these products for acoustic performance as well as for physical test to confirm the quality of the materials. This shows our interest to provide best quality underlay products that accepted international standard. We adopt latest technologies &modern techniques or methods to achieving better quality flooring.

Where we operate

Although we are located in the heart of Malaysia, we distribute our products locally and equally export them worldwide. As a matter of fact, we are available in West and East Malaysia whereas internationally, our products are currently available in countries and regions such as the Middle East, Australia, etc. Nevertheless, our products are also shipped to Europe and South-East Asa regularly, depending on the requirements of various projects.

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