Outdoor playground flooring using recycle sbr tyre rubber

A must have outdoor playground flooring materials for a safe children playground


The quality of playground floor is a paramount aspect of any playground for children. The flooring needs to be built in a manner that guarantees the safety and security of the children who will be using the facilities. Special attention, therefore, needs to be made on the thickness of the floor as well as its entire quality.


Outdoor play flooring with rubber materials


The rubber tile flooring is one of the most convenient for children’s playground since it protects them from hurting themselves after a fall as well as any other accident that may occur in the playground. The most recommended products among outdoor playground flooring materials that are suitable for the flooring are therefore between 45mm and 75mm in thickness with soft backing profiles. These are square shaped thick rubber tiles. However, products that vary in thickness of between 25mm and 125mm are also appropriate for the playground although they are often chosen depending on the requirements & budget.


Colour is also important which energize children at playground


Considerable attention also needs to be paid to the flooring color of the playground. Bright sparkle flake colored tiles are often highly recommended because they give the playground a vibrant appearance which kids often find attractive and appealing. With that said, other colors and different types of tiles may also be used depending on the taste of the client in question.


Floor design using wet pour seamless flooring with colourful EPDM rubber granule


Playground floorings are much advanced these days & it’s possible to produce seamless colourful design patterns. These patterns can be anything from geometric shapes, to cute animal’s portrait or flowers, numbers etc. Mostly using outdoor these playground flooring materials are excellent choice for high end seamless soft flooring for playground. Lasting for few years, these colours are solid & create a bright vibrant floor.



Why use recycle tyre rubber to produce outdoor playground flooring materials?


Recycle tyre rubber are one of the best & widely used raw materials for playground tile making process. These high-density rubber granules use as base of rubber tiles & seamless epdm flooring. Also use as pigmented rubber tile which is nothing else but those tyre granule are coated with different pigmented solid colour mix with high density weatherproof polyurethane glue.


What is recycle tyre rubber?


The waste landfill tyres are collected & treated in a processing plant where those tyres from car, bus, truck etc are processed, removed the metal wire, nylon thread & granulate those big tyres to small granule or particle. Depends on requirement & uses those machines covert those tyres to different granule sizes.


It’s convenient, cheap & easily available. Also tyre SBR rubbers are good elastic which create soft surface in a play flooring.


Beside recycling old tyre is very important to the environment, otherwise it create landfill & pollute our environment by creating methane gas & mosquitoes & other vermin.


Safety in playground is most important especially flooring


Playground safety is very important for kids. Remember that kids are sociable beings who needs to play with their peers to develop and grow efficiently. Also, while at the playgrounds, some kids are often very daring and adventurous that they usually get involved in accidents or even sustain injuries.


According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 200,000 children below the age of 14 receive treatment for injuries sustained at playgrounds each year. Thus, many parents try to carry out research about the quality of safety measures at a playground before sending their children to them. Parents are particular cautious of the quality of the playground floor since they are aware that children are prone to falling while playing with their mates. As a matter of fact, an appropriate playground floor will minimize the impact of falls. It’s, therefore, safe to say that the safety of a playground floor is non-negotiable by parents when they are in search for a suitable playground for their kids.


Playground floors made of rubber tiles with soft surfaces are an excellent choice for children’s playgrounds. It is worth noting that the rubbers often come with different thickness and backings for various drop heights. The drop height determines the height at which a child may fall and not get injured. Other suitable, durable and comfortable playground floors for kids also include turf and sand floors. On the other hand, playground floors made with concrete, grass, and packed dirt, etc. are not idea for kids.


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